Our Global Presence

Sentiss operates on geography specific strategies which include sales and marketing, distribution and licensing arrangements. The subsidiary in Switzerland, Sentiss AG, serves as the hub for Sentiss’ commercial operations globally. The sales, marketing and distribution operations are managed through Sentiss subsidiaries in Russia and USA.

For all enquiries please contact us at bd@sentisspharma.com


In the past three years, Sentiss has focused significant R&D efforts into building a portfolio of ANDA’s in the ophthalmic, inhalation and otic product segments for the USA market. We are committed to strengthen its portfolio and extend our product line to include other sterile product preparations. Our goal is to develop products that meet the needs of both retail pharmacy customers and professionals in practice. Our constant endeavor is to improve the selection and quality of products we offer. Sentiss is actively building its commercial platform in the USA through its subsidiary company Sentiss Pharmaceuticals, LLC. We are actively seeking out licensing partnerships and product acquisition opportunities, in addition to contract development/contract manufacturing alliances, including those with active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) suppliers.

We welcome your contact at: bd-us@sentiss.us


Sentiss through it’s EU GMP approved manufacturing facility, is in a strong position to offer it’s products for the EU market. Sentiss has CE marked medical devices as well as CTD dossiers for multiple products in Blow-Fill-Seal Unit Dose and Three-piece Multi-Dose vials. We are developing a range of products for the EU market and are in a position to offer dossiers for licensing with partners. Sentiss also offers contract manufacturing services to its European customers.

Russia & CIS

Sentiss has been recognized as the third largest Ophthalmic company in Russia, and continues to expand its foothold in the CIS markets. Sentiss has an integrated supply chain model, from sourcing of raw materials to ensuring final product delivery “On time, Every time”. This has also enabled us to achieve market leadership in the ophthalmic pharmaceutical segment in Russia.


Provis – a division of Sentiss was launched in 2011, with the goal of providing high quality eye care products to patients in India. Our dedicated sales and marketing teams interact with over 9,000 Ophthalmologists in India to understand patients’ needs, and to effectively service them through our world-class products.

Others Market

Sentiss has developed a number of CTD dossiers to offer licensing, distribution and supply for other markets. We are seeking potential partners who are keen to collaborate with us for their respective markets.

Partnering Philosophy

Sentiss’ business development strategy includes:

  • Product development and supply
  • Marketing and distribution through strategic partners
  • Strategic partnership and Mergers & Acquistions
  • In-licensing of products
  • Out-licensing of product dossiers
  • Contract manufacturing and technology transfer

Contract Manufacturing and Technology Transfer

Our Contract manufacturing services are effectively managed through a dedicated team of Program Managers who service each customer contract with utmost confidentiality and focus on On-time and In-full servicing of customer orders.

We have successfully managed technology development and transfer projects in collaboration with large customers and are strongly positioned to render these services for other global companies.


Sentiss views partnering and collaborating as an important strategic approach that will complement its growth in the existing markets of Russia, CIS, and India, as well as other international markets.

Its partnering approach is to build mutually rewarding long-term business relationships based on an exclusive marketing business model for the targeted geographies, as well as co-marketing or co-development models, including clinical trials of products that are a prerequisite for regulatory approvals.


Sentiss’ formulation development expertise enables the development of high quality generic products in Sterile Blow-Fill-Seal vials and conventional 3-piece bottles. Its robust R&D pipeline of drugs is focused on:

  • Generic Products
  • CE Mark Products
  • OTC Products
  • 505(b)(2) and Para IV Products