Watch Those Eyes

Watch Those Eyes is a hunt/game which aims to spread awareness on the importance of eye health.

How to register for the game?

As follows:

Prerequisite: Only a team can register as a participant for the game. The respective team members must have at least one social media account either on Facebook or Instagram or twitter (“Social Media” accounts)

The game requires Social Media accounts on Instagram, facebook and Twitter. As long as the team, as a whole, has presence on all the three Social Media platforms, the respective team members with at least one social media account either on Facebook or Instagram or twitter can participate as a team.

  1. Form a team of 3-5 members
  2. Decide a name for your team
  3. Send an email at, from any one of the team member’s email with the following details:
    1. Team name
    2. Number of team members
    3. Name, contact number, email and Social Media handles (Instagram, facebook and twitter profile names) of each team member.Example for sending entries:
  4. You will receive a registration mail upon confirmation

No participation fee required. ​

Participants can register at any time until the Game Tenure.

How to play the game and win?

Fulfil step one, two AND three to play and win!

Step 1/3 to win

  1. Eyes can be found on creatives on Sentiss’ Social Media accounts at Instagram, facebook and twitter handles and anywhere on Sentiss’ website Team members will have to stay updated during the tenure of the game.
  2. Hunt for eyes with matching colours and capture using a screenshot. Example of eyes with matching colours:
  3. Capture the screenshot of the eye such that the creative (in case of Social Media post), or the page (in case of website) is also visible.
  4. After you capture the screenshot of any colour eye, keep on hunting for the match of the same colour to complete the pair. As soon as you are able to complete the pair, share in Sentiss’ Social Media account at Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter as a direct message (“DM”) .
  5. Remember that one pair of eyes should be of the same colour only. Two consecutively shared screenshot messages will be considered as an entry of one pair of eyes and teams will be evaluated according to the entries submitted. Mention your team name while sending the entries. Submissions without a team name will be invalid.Example:
  6. Any one member of the team can submit the entries by sending Direct Message (DM) at Sentiss’ Social Media account at Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter. For a particular pair of eyes, multiple entries by same team through different team members will not be considered.
  7. A pair with the same eye colour should be submitted only once. Repeated submission of the same eye colour pair will not be considered.
  8. Such submission constitutes 25% weightage of total score.

Step 2/3 to win:

  1. Each and every member of the team must tweet/ post their respective views stating the importance of eye awareness or on the importance of eye care or your experience with eye treatment on the team members’ respective Social Media accounts using hashtag #VisionEnvision followed by your team name.
  2. Any Tweets/ posts on Social Media account must provide team names and hashtag #VisionEnvision to be considered as valid entries.
  3. Each member of the team must tweet/post atleast once during the tenure of the game. Results will be evaluated on the basis on contribution of each member of the team.
  4. This constitutes 50% weightage of total score.

Step 3/3:

  1. Providing/submitting likes, shares, retweets and comments on the post/ tweets made by your respective team using hashtag #VisionEnvision will be considered as engagements (“Engagements”).
  2. Earn maximum engagements during the tenure of the game to stay ahead in the game.
  3. Total engagement score of one team will be cumulative of all engagements (Likes, shares, retweets and comments), for all posts made by the respective team/ team members.
  4. Final results will be evaluated based on maximum total engagement score of the teams.
  5. This constitutes 25% weightage of total score.

How to win?

  1. Entries for Step 1/3 will be ranked in order of fastest correct submissions. Average ranking for collection of all 10 pairs of eyes will be used as final score (Rank 1 is for fastest correct submission). This constitutes 25% weightage of total score. 
  1. Make maximum posts/tweet under Step 2/3 using hashtag #VisionEnvision, to score 01 point for each post on facebook and Instagram and 02 points for each tweet on Twitter. Teams will be ranked according to the total points collected. (Rank 1 is for maximum points). This constitutes 50% weightage of total score. 
  1. Gather the maximum total engagement score under Step 3/3. Teams will be ranked according to the total engagement score (Rank 1 is for maximum engagement score). This constitutes 25% weightage of total score. 
  1. Final score will be calculated as:

Average ranking for fastest correct submission x 25%


 Rank for points x 50%


Rank for total engagement score x 25% 

  1. The team with the least final score shall be the winner.


1) Team-A; Score for fastest correct submission = 3, rank for points = 5, rank for total engagement score = 4

Team-A; Final score = 3 x 25% + 5 x 50% + 4 x 25% = 4.25

2) Team-B; Score for fastest correct submission = 2, rank for points = 7, rank for total engagement score = 6

Team-B; Final score = 2 x 25% + 7 x 50% + 6 x 25% = 5.5

Winner: Team-A

How to stay at the top of your game.

  1. Keep a close track on posts made using hashtag #VisionEnvision and stay ahead of others by taking steps as contemplated above.
  2. Take some help from your friends to help you gather more likes, shares and comments. Keep a watch on engagements on other’s posts and stay ahead in yours by taking steps as contemplated above.
  3. Visit the website and Sentiss Social Media accounts regularly to be the first to hunt an eye.
  4. Follow Sentiss on Social Media to stay updated on the most recent posts.
  5. We suggest you screen capture all eyes you sight (on Sentiss Social Media feed as well as on the website) and then submit the two which makes a pair. Remember that two consecutive submissions will be considered as one pair’s entry. Entries once submitted cannot be cancelled.

Top 3 teams will win exciting gift vouchers worth ₹15,000/-, ₹10,000/- and ₹5000/- respectively!

The activity is designed for the sole purpose of spreading awareness on the importance and the need of eye health and eye care (“Purpose”). Being an engagement gimmick, Watch Those Eyes (hereafter also referred to as “hunt” or “game”) does not serve or promote Social Media usage or engagement/ sharing of data with strangers. There is absolutely no influence/ mandate to any user(s) (hereafter also referred to as “participants”, “team members”, “people” or “players”) to share any personal information.

  • Users are advised to take all actions at their own risk.
  • We, Sentiss Pharma Private Limited (“Company”), do not intend to influence any individual or a group. All requests/ rules made for the game will be purely for the Purpose only. The final call of action is user’s own responsibility.
  • The Company reserves the rights to modify the terms and conditions of the game including the amount of gift vouchers, criteria for winning/participation, at any time, without passing/intimating any formal notice to the participants and/or their team members, at its sole discretion.
  • We do not promote or recommend any third-party services which may be mentioned in the website as a part of our partners and service providers. Users will be responsible for any decision taken by them based on the information acquired from this website and elsewhere. We advise user discretion before taking any decision.
  • The sole aim to build the hunt game is to enhance public awareness on the importance of eye health. Although we encourage best Social Media practices, we do not hold any responsibility of things written on Social Media feed by other users.
  • As a part of the game, we do encourage people to share their opinions/ experiences, which in no way means that the Company promotes or hold responsibility for the user content. We advise user discretion before taking any action.
  • The data and materials used on this web site and Sentiss Social Media accounts are either owned or licensed to us and are protected by copyright laws which sets important rules about copying the data and material present on None of the data and material from this website shall be used commercially.
  • Any act of obscenity, misogyny, bigotry, violence or harm will not be tolerated at Company’s website as well as Company’s Social Media feed. We also discourage such practices outside of the workplace.
  • The winners shall be decided exclusively by the Social Media management team of the Company as per the terms provided herein. Once the results are announced, the results shall be considered final.
  • There is zero tolerance towards demeaning or disparaging values or brand names/ image of Sentiss or any or any of its competitors. Strict actions will be taken against anyone who attempts to commit default.
  • By using our services and while playing this game, you hereby agree to our terms and conditions including Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use available at the Company website ‘’. You shall be solely liable and responsible for your actions and/or posts on social networking sites.
  • In the event of any infringement, user can be permanently disqualified without any notice.
  • Except for the gift vouchers provided under this game to the winning teams, no compensation whatsoever will be granted/payable to the user under any circumstances in connection with or relating to the subject matter.
  • Users are advised to follow the privacy policy of each social networking site they wish to use. Any malpractices will be handled seriously against the user.
  • Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.
  • Our maximum liability arising under law, equity, tort etc. in relation to the subject matter shall not exceed Rs. 100/-(Rupees One Hundred Only) per person.
  • The gift vouchers under this game are available only during the Game Tenure and are non-transferrable.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold the Company or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, their Social Media department officers, employees, agents, suppliers and third party partners harmless from any claim, demand or damage including reasonable attorney’s fees asserted due to or arising out of your use or conduct in relation to the subject matter.

These terms shall be governed by the laws of India and any legal action or proceeding in relation thereto shall be brought exclusively before the court of competent jurisdiction sitting in New Delhi, India.

  1. Joining late? Participants can join and register anytime during the Game Tenure.
  2. Helpline address?
  3. Should I undertake all the steps of the game together? All the three steps of the game can be performed in parallel during the Game Tenure.
  4. Game Tenure: 23 Oct, 2020 to 25 Nov, 2020 (Date extended to 25 Nov, 2020 from the original date 07 Nov, 2020)
    (S. No. 4 FAQ updated on 09 November, 2020)

  5. What would be the total number of pairs of eyes? Once a team collects and submits 10 pairs of eyes, Step 1/3 is fulfilled.
  6. How do winners get the prizes? Gift vouchers will be shared on the email IDs, of the team members of the winning team provided during registration.
  7. Prerequisite: Internet connection; FB, Insta and twitter accounts
  8. Announcement of results? Winner teams will be announced on Sentiss’ Instagram page on 02 Dec, 2020 (Date extended to 02 Dec, 2020 from the original date 12 Nov, 2020)
    (S. No. 8 FAQ updated on 09 November, 2020)

  9. Disqualification: Violation of the Terms of Use of the game and/or Social Media account terms and conditions, if any, creation of fake accounts, submission of fake entries etc. and such other conditions as may be determined by the Company.
  10. Can I participate with just one Social Media account? A team member who wishes to play the game, but has only one Social Media account, can participate as part of a team which collectively has presence on all the three Social Media accounts

Note: Creatives used as illustrations in this document cannot be used by participants and/or team members for the purpose of submissions under Step 1/3.