Life At Sentiss

Our culturally diverse workforce is one of our biggest strengths and the rich experience they bring, across varied skill-sets and backgrounds is invaluable.

We create an environment where skills are honed, achievements are recognized, and every contribution is valued. Our multi-dimensional work environment offers high growth opportunities through challenging roles with clear responsibilities across disciplines like Research & Development, Manufacturing, Business Development and General Management.

Sentiss is an equal opportunity employer and committed to hiring exceptionally talented people. We are proud that our global workforce is bound together by our common values and our open, enabling and trust-based culture. This has helped us to improve our employee engagement scores significantly.


Work Life Balance

Work-life balance is effectively managing the juggling act between work, spending time with family and other activities that are important to us. Our unique approach to addressing corporate needs as well as individual needs creates a dynamic, yet balanced atmosphere for both Sentiss and its employees. At Sentiss,

  • We provide ‘Flexi timing’ and encourage our people to ‘Be HOT’ – Be Home On Time.
  • We quench your thirst for reading by enrolling employees for our online library services ‘Kwench’
  • Employee annual health check-up: Along with Pre-employment health checkups, Sentiss also provides preventive annual health check-ups for all employees above 40 years of age.

At Sentiss, our organizational culture is highly employee centric. All our employees are keenly engaged with the organization, be it through their professional duties or through our contribution to society through SEVA. We are proud of our culture and the familial bond that is formed once an employee joins the organization. These employees form the backbone of our company as they journey along with us through our growth and remain deeply committed to our values.


We believe that open communication, celebrating differences, working better together and appreciating each other help build a great winning culture in the organization.

  • Town Halls

Town Halls are a quarterly event aimed at keeping team members abreast with latest business updates and achievements. It also serves as an open communication platform wherein everyone has an opportunity to raise queries/concerns and express their opinions directly to the top management. Town Hall meetings also act as a forum for exchanging ideas and recognizing team members on their extraordinary achievements in the last quarter.

  • ZEST

As the name suggests, ZEST defines great enthusiasm and energy. ZEST is a quarterly party event fully loaded with music, dance and fun.


At Sentiss, we believe in recognizing and rewarding exemplary showcase of performances. APPLAUD (Appreciating Passion Performance Laurels And Ultimate Dedication) is a quarterly appreciation program through which Sentiss encourages and recognizes high performance, unrelenting dedication and rewards success.

  • TGIT –Thank God it’s Thursday

TGIT is a monthly get-together of the Sentiss top management team where small project teams or functional teams are invited to join for an informal candid interaction with the leadership.

  • Annual day

Our inception day is celebrated as Annual Day every year with a lot of gusto. All team members along with their families are invited to come together to celebrate and rejoice this special day. This is a platform where the creativity and hard work of the Sentiss employees is showcased.

  • Employee Wellness

With our focus towards employees’ health we have initiated company wide participation in various health initiatives. Our employees from various locations actively participate in marathons. The food served at our cafeteria is regularly monitored by a dietitian who also visits our premises and provides individual counseling to our people.

  • Celebration of Festival

We, at Sentiss, celebrate all major festivals throughout the year. Organic colors and flowers on Holi, henna on Karwachauth, yajna on Deepawali, inviting employee children to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve are few memorable festival celebrated.

  • Sentiss Premier League (Day/Night) Cricket competition

Another very popular event is our annual inter-unit cricket match. This is usually a day and night event where our employees participate with great enthusiasm and zeal.

  • Recognition of Excellence in Children

As an organization Sentiss encourages, appreciates and recognizes the accomplishments of its team members’ children, that is excellence not only in academics, but also in extracurricular activities, like sports, music, arts and also leadership skills. The children are invited and recognized in the Town hall event.


We at Sentiss, believe in empowering and letting our employees discover their potential while working with us. Our employees are provided with opportunities to enhance their technical and soft skills through continuous training and development programs. “Learn and grow” is the theme that drives professional development at Sentiss through well-structured programs like –

  • Sentiss Learning School

Center for Sentiss’ individual, organizational and technical learning activities – SLS – was inaugurated in April 2019. Situated at Sentiss Manufacturing Plant in Nalagarh the school aims to benefit all employees of the organization.

  • Professional Development Program (PDP)

In collaboration with the FORE School of Management, Our tenured employees get a wonderful opportunity of a first-hand campus experience in a reputed business school. They attend weekend classes on campus for six months and are awarded a “Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management” upon completion.

  • Executive Education

We believe in regular enhancement of professional knowledge and skills. We have various sponsorship programs that encourage our people to take up higher courses like executive MBA’s and other short term courses in their respective fields.

  • Mind – Mentoring Individuals

The Mind (Mentoring INDividuals) is a formal training program designed for new employees wherein they are mentored by the top management of Sentiss.

  • KAP/ MAP

Knowledge Augmentation Program and Manufacturing Appreciation Program are aimed at building and developing cross functional knowledge, appreciation and synergy for the people working in our research & development and manufacturing processes. This is a two week program where team members get a chance to visit our offices in other locations and are provided with structured inputs.

  • Management Development Programs

We nominate our people to various management developmental programs organized by premier institutes to help them upgrade their knowledge and skills.

  • LEAP

Leadership Assessment Program is conducted annually for our sales division where first line supervisory positions are filled in the sales team. It aims to recognize, nurture and grow our people into future leaders.

  • Skip

Staying connected to skip level managers is an integral part of developing our cross functional teams. These meetings provide valuable insight into the current state of affairs.